Overview of Route Monitoring Application

Route Monitoring Application is designed for mapping various parameters. The application is modular and capable of creating additional interfaces for communication with different measuring instruments and sensors, which meet certain requirements (measuring instrument should support RS232 or Bluetooth with SPP).

Wireless connection to a measuring device Bluetooth logo

The application connects to a measuring device via Bluetooth wireless technology and stores measured values depending on GPS location.

Real-time Access to Measured Data and Fast Analysis of Measurements

The application is interactive and shows measured data on the map in real time. Measured points have different colors depending on the measured value and preset levels of color scale. The application also allows immediate review of data on a graph, so that user can quickly analyze data during the measurement. Each point on the graph can easily be displayed on the map within measurement location. All captured data is stored in the database, so user can access, analyze or export it later. All measured data is saved to local database so that user can access and analyse data later.

Export of Data in Various Formats

User can export measured data in various formats (*. CSV - Comma-separated values, *. KML - Google Earth *.XLSX - MS Excel) and open them directly in these programs without having to deal with conversion between formats.

Synchronize Data in Real Time with The Web Server

Application now allows to synchronize data in real time with web server, so that decision makers can analyze data in the office and decide further actions.

Receive Actions from Decision Maker Web Server “Route monitoring tower”

Application now allows to accept different actions, like:

Benefits of application


Real Field Tests

Application was tested by the highly professional intervention teams from Slovenia from different organizations:


The application was used in May 2013 and in November 2014 in field measurements around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant during the “Response and Assistance Network” (RANET) workshop held in the Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

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