Color Scale

In the main menu (Figure 1-1), press on Color Scale. In the opened view you will see a list of color scales saved in the database. Each color scale has its own levels with value and color (Figure 2). The points on the map are colored in accordance with the rules of active color scale. This color scale can also be shown on the right side of the map (Figure 1-2).

Example of active color scale shown on map
Figure 1: Example of active color scale shown on the map. 1: Button to show color scale view. 2: Active color scale.

User can have any number of color scales with different ratio levels and colors in the database. The active color scale has green check mark on the right of its title (Figure 2).

Example of color scale view and levels
Figure 2: Example of color scales and their levels

Figure 2 shows two color scales with title:

Active color scale has four color levels:

If the measured value exceeds maximum value (in our case 300 nGy / h), points with exceeded value will be painted with the color of the highest level (in our case it is in red).