Supported Measuring Devices

Route Monitoring Application is designed for mapping various parameters. The application is modular and capable of creating additional interfaces for communication with different measuring instruments and sensors, which meet certain requirements (measuring instrument shall support RS232 or Bluetooth with SPP).

If your device is not compatible with our plugins, we can create a plugin for you for FREE.

So far, we have created plugins for radiation dose rate meters:

Scintilator probe Automess 6150AD-b

Reuter Stokes Environmental Radiation Monitor RSS-131 ER

Victoreen® 451P
Figure 1: Scintillator probe Automess 6150AD-b (ref) Figure 2: Reuter Stokes Environmental Radiation Monitor RSS-131 ER (ref) Figure 3: Victoreen® 451P (ref)
Berthold LB 123 D-H10
Figure 4: Berthold LB 123 D-H10 Dose Rate Monitor (ref)

Bluetooth connection

Route Monitoring Application connects to a measuring device via Bluetooth, that’s why it is necessary to have Bluetooth transmitter + receiver for the measuring device. All devices, except Automess dose rate meters, transmit data via RS232 protocol, so you need RS232 <-> Bluetooth adapter which supports SPP profile (wiki). There are a lot of adapters on the market. Their quality is subject to the price, of course. If you are interested, we can help you to find the right solution.
Automess has its own ​​Bluetooth interface adapter called BlueCOM-910.1, which you can buy from the manufacturer of a measuring device.

Example of running application on android tablet
Figure 3: Example of measuring dose rate on android tablet (*value of dose rate is assumed)