Display of Measurements Points on the Chart

Route Monitoring Application can display current measurements on the interactive chart. You can select a point on the chart and display it on the map.
The chart shows the measured values vs. measurement time. The values can be displayed in real-time as well viewed after measurement. The chart is interactive that gives you options to zoom and pan the view.

Example of interactive graph with zoom buttons
Figure 1: Example of measured points displayed on the graph. Y axis shows measured quantity of a measuring device. Y axis can be zoomed and panned with buttons + and - (1). X axis shows the time of measurement. X axis can be zoomed and panned with buttons + and - (2). Button 1:1 shows all the measured values on the display.


Point 1-3 shows measured values in motorway tunnel where the radiation dose rate is less, as the tunnel is a shield from cosmic rays. (See Figure 3). Reduced radiation dose rate is also shown on the map (Point 3-1). Point 1-4 shows a point measured the tunnel in the same location in opposite direction of the motorway.

If you have any deviation of measured values in the graph you can exam the deviated value by long-clicking near it. By long-clicking near point you open the pop-up menu (Figure 2), which contains information about selected measurement point and the button called "Show point on map".

Show selected point on map
Figure 2: Display pop-up menu by long-clicking near measured point on the chart


By clicking Show point on map on the menu you can immediately see location of measured point (Figure 3).

Display the selected point on the map
Figure 3:  Selected point on the map. 1: location of a point in green color - point is measured in the tunnel. 2: X Button for removing the selected point.